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Zipit is an App created by Childline, designed to give witty reactions to difficult requests.

This App is ideal for those who don't want to fall out with people who are pushing it too far. Giving clear but subtle messages that you just aren't going there with them.

Some examples are to you right.

It can be downloaded on the GooglePlay and Appstore, it's free and easy to use.

1) What's the benefits of using this?

It's an easy way to give the message you want to give, when you don't like making people feel bad or don't want to fall out with a friend who's gone too far. It's a good first step but if the pressure persists you have to look at another way of dealing with the person, like blocking them or reporting them.

2) Are there any dangers?

To the App itself, not really. But there is always a danger that if the pressure continues and you give in to this pressure you may make yourself vulnerable.

3) When is it safe to introduce this to my child?

A hard one to answer, you should always note the referenced guide age of 12+ by Childline. If you as a parent think your child could make use of it earlier, you firstly need to re-consider how much freedom they have on the internet and whether they fully comprehend the dangers they can be exposed to.

Safety Advice

If you feel your child is at risk, you might need to report this.

Anyone 12 years and under, engaging in sexual texts or messages is a concern. This should be addressed depending on the circumstances (i.e. within the school, CEOP, The police etc)

Take a look at the home page where you will find link buttons to CEOP if you feel your child is being exploited, Internet Watch Foundation if you want to try and delete an indecent picture that has got out and The Police if you wish to report a crime.

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