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With more than 100 million registered users, ooVoo is one of the most popular messaging apps available. Like Skype and Facetime, it allows users to video chat with others online, but unlike others apps like Kik, ooVoo allows you to chat with anyone no matter what device they are using, so if you are using an iPhone and they are on Android, you can connect up without any issues. This makes this app very appealing to teens.

1) Why do people use ooVoo?

It’s primarily used as a messaging app, and many of these messages have been recorded and can make their way onto the site.

When kids aren’t using ooVoo as a messaging app, they’re mostly spending time on their profiles or on other

people’s profiles as you can fully customise these to express yourself.

2) How can I keep my childs account private?

.There is a very simple step to making your childs account private, go into the settings as shown to the

right and select "people who know my email address or ooVoo ID", this will then only allow those you

should know, to speak to you. Giving you the control you deserve.

3) What are the dangers of TooVoo?

ooVoo has many good features and can be used in a beneficial way as part of day to day life, it’s also used by adult

users and a lot of inappropriate content. A quick search for the #ooVoo hashtag on Instagram or Twitter reveals

many images and videos that aren’t appropriate for children and need to be filtered out using privacy settings.

What’s worse, many profiles contain inappropriate images and material that are easily visible to children and teens

when they visit that profile.

4) What is the age restriction for ooVoo?

ooVoo is for ages 16 and over, but as most social media accounts you can easily fake your age and continue to use the app. So your child may want to or is using this already.

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Safety Advice

ooVoo doesn't have it's own Help Centre, so there is no easy way to search how to block users or set security settings. This isn't a good sign. But here is the website for the creators of ooVoo

Parental Tips:

Make sure that if you're going to allow your child to use the benefits of this app, you also discuss with them the risks if they speak with people they do not know.

Always try to have a relatively open relationship with your child when it comes to all things online.