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Fortnite Battle Royale is a popular, free version of the original Fortnite game. It is a ‘battle royale’-style third person shooter game in which up to 100 players compete online through player vs player (PVP) combat to be the last person standing.

In the game, players are dropped onto an island alone, or in a team of up to four players; players can choose the members of their team or be assigned random teammates. The object is to then explore the island, collecting weapons, building fortifications and engaging in combat with other players. Each game lasts approximately 20 minutes, with action intensifying as the eye of a deadly storm shrinks over the island, forcing players into an increasingly smaller playing area.

Fortnite requires players to create an account in order to play. Children will be required to give an email address, which they will subsequently have to verify, and a username.

Fortnite Battle Royale is now available as an app on iOS devices and will soon be available on Android devices. It’s also available on macOS and Windows, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Safety Advice

Safeguarding your children?

  • when you open an account, be mindful of the username that is used ensuring it doesn't give aware personal details such age real name, or age.

  • There are three levels of privacy settings: Public, where anyone can enter your child’s online party; Friends, where only friends can join a party; and Private, meaning that no one can enter your child’s party without being invited by the child themselves.

  • Voice-Chat can be disabled. get your child and yourself familiar with the game’s settings and, if you feel its inappropriate, turn Voice-Chat off.

  • Speak to your child about unwanted contact and tell them what to do if someone speaks to them in any manner that could be upsetting or not appropriate, or asks them for their personal information. Try to make them feel comfortable coming to you if they have a problem in regards to any of the above.