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Facebook is a social network which lets you create a page about yourself You can add friends, write on people’s pages, share photos and videos including live videos. Messenger allows you to instant message in group chats or one to one. Facebook allows gaming and live streaming.

1) Why are people using Facebook?

As described above, Facebook is the most well known Social Networking Site and in some ways, paved the way for the next generation of Social Networking service which, since "Facebook Live" and other similar features were released on the popular social networking sites, doing live video streams are a modern day a fast way of communicating with people you may or may not know. People update their lives and experiences with their friends, aiming to share their lives in a quick and easy way.

2) What are the risks of Facebook?

Facebook's risks and very well known by now, since it's release 14 years ago Facebook has experienced up's and down's in the press. The common risks include cyberbullying at a relentless pace, extreme video's and adverts posted on timelines., as well as privacy issues around sensitive data being open to the public and strangers making contact and befriending vulnerable users.

3) What is the minimum age of Facebook?

The minimum age for Facebook is 13, but the age verification process is flawed, in terms that you can lie about your age and there is no way to authenticate your details. This is a common problem on Social Media sites. Facebook do express any reports made of underage users will be investigated and accounts deleted if found to be the case.

4) What is the best way to keep safe on Facebook?

Read the information from the Help Centre below, monitor your children's devices and if they are thinking of using the app, set ground rules about how you want to control access and use of the social media site. This doesn't mean checking up on them all the time, but will need to include some intervention some of the time.

Safety Advice

Facebook has a "Help Centre", within this is tips for parents which will give everything from the basics around Facebook to "How do I get an image of my child removed?"


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