AppLock is a "VAULT APP" designed to stop access to applications within a phone or tablet, within the use of a passcode. AppLock is completely free and very easy to setup so it is appealing to teenagers as well as parents, the uses will be explained below. more than 300 millions users are claimed to use AppLock and it is advertised as a way to protect your personal details and better your privacy.

1) What is AppLock?

An app you can download onto your device and selectively lock another application using a passcode. 

2) Why would someone use AppLock?

The advertised reason to use AppLock is to protect your data and privacy in circumstances where someone knows your passcode or access' your device by other means. There is potential sub-uses for AppLock though, including teenagers using the features to lock you out of their social media accounts so you cannot check on what they are up to.

3) Are there any dangers?

There are no reported dangers to AppLock, it's very popular around the world and a very basic app in reality. The only perception of danger could be as a facilitator, if teens use this to hide what they are doing, are they doing something that may be putting them in danger?

4) Can I use AppLock to my advantage?

If you wish to use AppLock to your advantage as a parent, you could use AppLock to restrict access to certain app's on your phone, if you wish to share your device with your younger child to play games on your device. This basically stops your young children accidentally stumbling across your Facebook account and posting something without you realising.

Safety Advice

AppLock has a "Home Page" explaining what it is all about, including the user reviews and showing you the features within AppLock

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