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Made in China, this live video streaming app lets you broadcast videos, chat, share and follow different people on the app.  By clicking on one of the users, you go directly to their live feed to watch them and explore their channel..

Users can also share the live feed while watching on Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts.

1) Why do people use Live.Me?

The whole point of Live.Me is to live stream out through the app with viewers, a chat system and the possibility of meeting new people.

As you create a channel and more people view you, you grow in popularity and this is where the big hook comes in, as you get more popular you get "gifts" from the users which can result in you cashing this in for real money.

2) What should I be worried about on Live.Me?

In August 2017 the app was named in a court case after a convicted paedophile encouraged a nine-year-old girl to expose herself over the app.

Live every social media platform, there is potential for danger from paedophiles and other unwanted users contacting you. The moderation only protects users so far so it is important to know what to do when danger presents itself.





3) So there are dangers, what can I do about them?

With most other social media platforms, there is a degree of safeguarding that comes with the app. For example there are privacy settings to stop you from exposing yourself to people you don't know. You can block users and report inappropriate content as required

4) What is the age restriction on Live.Me?

As per the user's terms and conditions, the age required is 17 and over, although you can bypass the verification process easily.

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Safety Advice

Live.Me has a "Safety Centre", within this is tips for parents which will give you information around banning and blocking users as well as a basic guide in how to use the functions of the app

Parental Tips:

The appeal of becoming socially popular on Live.Me as well as potentially being rewarded in the form of gifts which can turn into real money, is extremely difficult to combat in some teenagers.

A good way to stop the end result is, don't allow your child to link a PayPal or Bank account to the account, this way the money cannot be transferred making the rewards essentially useless, meaning the likelihood of your teenager being 'paid' for services on live stream are a lot lower.