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WHISPER is a social media "express my secrets" or "confessional" app that gives its users the ability to post what is on their mind, similar to other well known sites. Except with Whisper there is highly sexual confessions and this can on occasion be used as an advertisements to meet up with people how like minded fantasies. Approximately 4% (from Business Insider) of users are under the stated age restriction, but with more than 10 Million Active users this equates to around 400,000 underage users.

1) Why are teens using Whisper?

Airing your secrets to people who you feel will never know who you are, is quite appealing to young and curious teenagers. Don't think your child will definitely using this app, as it's not as popular in the UK as it is in America but be sure to know that some groups of youngsters will take a liking to this concept and it's popularity in the UK will grow.

2) What are the risks of Whisper?

One of the main features for Whisper is it's private communications feature, so you can send pictures and information, privately in 1-2-1 conversations outside of the main posting area which if public by default. These conversations, being private, are not monitored and are prime locations with nude photo's to be sent and coercion being used to manipulate users into doing more than they're comfortable with.

3) What can I do as a Parent if my child goes on it?

Approach the subject with them with some open dialogue, seeing if they will let you know the context of what they like to post, not necessarily the full detail. It's likely if they are using the app there is an underlying question in their mind that they are seeking approval of in some way and trying to find people who think like they do, whether this be about sex, sexuality, anxiety, worries or many other reasons.

4) Why is the age restriction higher than most social media sites?

This is because Whisper recognise the user content (not the original app content) is 'adult' at times. In the parental controls, there is a filter you can use to change the suitable age rating for your child if they want to use the app. 

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Safety Advice

WHISPER has no "help centre" as such but it does have all of it's guidelines for use on the app plus how their privacy works, parental controls etc

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Parental Tips:

My advice for Whisper is to pay particular attention to the fact the age restriction is 17+. This is for a reason, the content uploaded by users is not explicit or "gross" but it's still not suitable for age groups lower, some of the time.