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YouCAM Makeup

Released in 2014 and with 60 millions monthly active users, YouCAM Makeup is an extremely popular virtual makeup app. The app is incredibly popular in countries such as China, and with such a low age restriction is can appeal to a young age group. Coupled with this, it is also a very popular app around YouTube which tends to be how new users hear about it.

1) Why do people use YouCAM Makeup?

You can virtually 'try on' makeup to see if you like how it looks on you, before you go and buy it. This kind of app has revolutionised the makeup industry in some respects as you can virtually try on branded makeup like L'Oreal for free to see if you like it.

2) What should I be worried about on YouCAM Makeup?

YouCAM Makeup and how it is advertised doesn't strike you as an app that will have a chat system, but in fact it does. I only knew this myself by downloading the app and taking a personal look at the features, like I do with all of the apps I review.

Coupled with the generic dangers of a chat system if not used and monitored correctly, this kind of app is well known to cause self esteem issues if over used and not educated correctly around the uses of makeup and the "perfect picture".

One major plus for YouCAM is the fact the fact only store onto your phone and your camera roll, rather than onto a server for the app. This means you have control of your photo's and they can't be hacked as part of an attack on a server.

BEWARE of the "Access GPS Location" function in the settings. Make sure this is turned off at all times to hide your location from the app and other users.

3) So there are dangers, what can I do about them?

Always monitor chats your children are having, no matter what app or website being used. The obvious dangers are that anyone can use the app and contact your child if they begin sharing their photo's online or start to comment on other users sharing their photo's publicly.

There aren't any privacy settings 

4) Why is the age restriction so low?

This app is designed to be used with the option of not sharing the photo's in any way or contacting anyone. Therefore fundamentally the app is designed to be used differently to social media.

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Safety Advice

Parental Tips:

Reporting: For this app there is no obvious way of reporting, which is a concern.

Privacy: There are only two options for privacy which is whether to auto-allow requests and messages. You can't hide something you share, so share wisely.