KeepSafe is a Vault App that offers PIN Protection. It is very intuitive to use, as you simply click share on your private files and select the KeepSafe app.


In 2013, KeepSafe had over 3 million active monthly users. This is expected to have risen dramatically since this time. It is pitched at an adult audience, but anyone can use it if they download it.

1) What is KeepSafe?

KeepSafe is an App for iOS or Android where you can discreetly hide photo's and other files you don't wish anyone to see on your phone.

2) Why would someone use KeepSafe?

The advertised reason to use KeepSafe is to protect your privacy, files and data but storing them away behind an App. It's by no means fool-proof. You can still lose these files but to the naked eye, they're undetectable without the PIN code the phone user sets. The unadvertised reason teens use an app like this is to hide photo's and other files they don't wish their parents to see, sometimes this is actually nothing to worry about and simply a teen attempting to gain some element of privacy in their online world, other times it is because the pictures and contacts they're sending or having, are worrying signs of abuse or exploitation.

3) Are there any dangers?

One major selling point to this app for it's users is the use of a fake-gallery that you may open by using a fake PIN. This allows you to keep your actual hidden photos away from someone you are showing, if need be to open the vault.There is also a "Safe Send" feature, basically allowing you to send photos for a short amount of time from the app. Be careful how this is used though, as the app has no encryption and therefore is vulnerable to being hacked, potentially exposing all your hidden data into the public domain.

4) How do you know someone is using a vault app like KeepSafe?

A very difficult question to answer. Vault Apps generally are designed to mimic an app already on the device, like a clock, calculator or the weather app. Once open, they look like the app they're mimicking. On this occasion, KeepSafe does NOT do this. It's clear an obvious by it's logo but still emulates a calculator upon opening it.

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Safety Advice

KeepSafe has a "Help Centre" explaining what it is all about, including the user reviews and showing you the features within KeepSafe